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Feb 23, 2022

Marilyn Monroe almost requires no introduction. The iconic star of the silver screen still resonates with the viewing public even 60 years after her untimely death. But do we need to rethink her legacy or how she's been portrayed?

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Karen McGann certainly thinks so. Her new docu-series Reframed: Marilyn Monroe rethinks the legacy of one of the greatest icons of the 20th century's popular culture.

Although in the media she was portrayed in a certain light, in reality Marilyn may have been a feminist trailblazer well ahead of her time. In the CNN docu-series, Karen explored the strategic ways Marilyn pushed her career forward, the intelligence behind her persona, and the complex nature of her life.

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“We think we know the story of Marilyn Monroe, we have a very fixed point of view of her, and this documentary is about looking at her story from a more feminist perspective.” - Karen McGann

Time Stamps:

00:00 - The trailer for Reframed: Marilyn Monroe.

01:58 - When the film will be released globally.

02:47 - What Reframed: Marilyn Monroe is all about and how it reframes Marilyn’s life.

04:58 - The ignorance Karen had about Marilyn before making the film and what she learned along the way.

08:36 - How Marilyn strategically pushed her career forward and how she acquired her name.

12:39 - The intelligence Marilyn had behind her Marilyn Monroe persona.

15:26 - How Marilyn responded to naked photos of her being released.

17:35 - Marilyn’s skill with handling the press and the different sides to her story.

21:03 - The complex nature of Marilyn’s life and how she was more than just a victim.

23:58 - The narrative around JFK and Marilyn’s relationship.

26:06 - How Marilyn Monroe died and why it was presented to the public in a certain way.

27:56 - How the idea for the project came about and how Karen became involved in the production.

30:35 - Why they used so many of Marilyn’s voice recordings in the docu-series.

32:19 - The main challenges they faced in making the docu-series.

34:31 - The difference between making a docu-series and a feature-length film.

36:17 - The next project Karen is working on about brain health.

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe (2021)

The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe by Sarah Churchwell

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