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Nov 10, 2021

Hawking: Can You Hear Me? is a Sky Original documentary that explores the remarkable human story of Stephen Hawking, through candid interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues.

The film brings to life the man behind the persona of legendary theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking and in the process shows the impact fame and disability had on those closest to him.

Joining Factual America to discuss the making of the film and the challenges they faced are director Oliver Twinch and producer Anthony Geffen. 

“If you know how difficult things were and how challenging things were through his everyday life, you came to understand more how extraordinary his triumphs were.” - Oliver Twinch

Time Stamps:

00:00 - The trailer for Hawking: Can You Hear Me?.
02:47 - What Hawking: Can You Hear Me? is all about.
04:22 - Stephen Hawking’s human side and common misconceptions about his life.
08:26 - The private side of Hawking’s life and the difficulty accessing this side of him.
10:17 - How Anthony gained the trust and confidence of Stephen’s family.
13:51 - Why the interviews were so emotionally challenging for the interviewees.
17:54 - How they made Hawking relatable and ‘human’.
21:13 - How the family responded to the finished film.
22:26 - The reconciliation Hawking had with his family before his death.
23:30 - How the idea for the film came about and how Oliver got involved with the project.
30:20 - How they came up with the structure that the film followed.
34:25 - The biggest challenges they faced when making the film.
37:11 - The positive aspects of Sky Docs compared to some other broadcasters.
38:34 - How the documentary film world has changed and the future of documentaries.
46:30 - The next projects Anthony and Oliver are working on.


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