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Jan 18, 2022

HBO's original documentary Dear Rider tells the inspirational story of Jake Burton Carpenter, who pioneered the sport of snowboarding. 

Fernando Villena, award-winning filmmaker and the director of Dear Rider, discusses Jake’s life as a snowboarding legend. The film shows how Jake took his favourite childhood toy and turned it into a global cultural phenomenon. 

Fernando not only talks about Jake's vision and passion for the sport he invented, but also how multiple diseases tragically ended his life prematurely. The legacy Jake left behind inspired millions including Woody Harrelson, who narrates the film. 

“His mind exploded and he thought, oh my god, I can actually surf on snow. And that became his obsession, that along with making a lot of money.” – Fernando Villena  

Watch the interview at

Time Stamps:
00:00 - The trailer for Dear Rider.
03:19 - Jake Burton Carpenter’s entrepreneurial journey.
06:11 - What made him so successful at turning snowboarding into a sport.
10:09 - Jake’s passion for sport and his talent for marketing.
13:00 - The target market for Jake's snowboards.
14:20 - How he influenced the creation of the film.
16:56 - The snowboarding community and the value Jake put on human connection.
19:50 - How Jake communicated with others despite having Miller Fisher syndrome.
22:03 - How the project started and how Fernando ended up directing the film.
26:57 - How Covid affected the production of this film.
29:30 - What it was like making a snowboarding film without being a snowboarder.
31:50 - The title Dear Rider and why they used Woody Harrelson as the narrator.
36:24 - What it’s like working with Red Bull.
39:00 - How Fernando transitioned from editing to directing.
40:12 - The next project Fernando is working on.  

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